Parents' Understanding of the Safety and Comfort in Using Gadgets for Children

Anindya Apriliyanti Pravitasari, Mulya Nurmansyah Ardisasmita, Fajar Indrayatna, Intan Nurma Yulita, Triyani Hendrawati, Gumgum Darmawan


The utilization of technology among children has significantly increased since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, the use of gadgets among children requires special attention from parents, since under incorrect ergonomic circumstances, it could endanger the health of children. This webinar was designed with parents in mind, giving them valuable information on how to use kid-friendly technology. Additionally, a pre- and post-test was assigned to evaluate parents’ knowledge about ergonomic conditions (safety and comfort) when using gadgets, both before and after the webinar. The results indicated a substantial increasement in parental knowledge among the webinar participants as well as the heightened desire and willingness to apply the right ergonomic conditions for their children’s gadget use at home.


Ergonomic; Gadgets; Children; Safety; Comfort

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